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Intercity Travel Guide

“Intercity Travel guide”
is the first guide we published. It is distributed on the most important routes of the Intercity trains.

The brochure is edited in 6 versions, according to every route, as follows:

Bucharest - Oradea
(Tg. Mures)
Bucharest - Constanta
Bucharest - Galati Bucharest - Iasi
Bucharest - Arad 
(Tg. Mures)     
Bucharest - Timisoara

Distribution. The entire distribution is FOR FREE and it is covering the whole period of time; it is made by the train responsible crew, in every compartment of the Intercity trains of the specified routes.

Periodicity. The guide is published 3 times per year, every edition having a 4 month distribution period.

The number of copies of each edition is 20.000 pieces for each of the 6 routes. The total number of copies of one edition is 120.000 pieces.

The target is constitued by mostly business men and active people with a medium and over medium income.

In order to benefit of the most advantageous advertising tariffs, please contact us soon. You can send us an offer request via e-mail.

The guides are products of high graphic quality. On the clients’ demand, a NO COST graphic example will be made.



City Motors


   "Intercity - Travel Guide"

edition no. 18

edition no. 17

edition no. 16

edition no. 15

edition no. 14

edition no. 13

edition no. 12

(initial editions upon request)

   Edition now distributing:
 December 13, 2009 - April 30, 2010
   (edition no. 18)

   Edition open for contractors:
 May 1st, 2010 - August 31th, 2010
   (edition no. 19)

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